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Privacy Policy & Cookies

Respecting your consumer rights

Here at See Change Hypnotherapy, we aim to treat you with the utmost respect – and that extends to you agreeing to how we process and store any identifiable data we hold. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations, 2018) has recently replaced the 1998 Data Protection Act, to ensure that any personal information that we gather is handled and protected correctly. As such, Tamara Emery is GDPR registered. 

What data do you hold?

From the moment you enquire, whether it be with our contact form, email or phone call, we are collecting simple bits of information (eg. your name, address, contact details, reason for your visit and basic medical data). Any personal details taken within the initial consultation, and further information within the sessions as the treatment progresses is logged and stored securely, to enable your hypnotherapist to look back over session notes to help us give you the very best treatment we can. 

Is my information still confidential?

Absolutely. Any information you give us – on the phone, via email or text, or in person, is strictly confidential and is securely held. We do not pass on, nor discuss, any personal details with any third party. Occasionally, it might be necessary for Tamara to discuss aspects of your treatment with her supervisor, who is also GDPR registered, to ensure you get the best treatment possible, but no identifying or personal information is ever given. 

Tamara is obliged by the GDPR regulations to ensure your confidentiality is upheld at all times. Because of this, if you do see Tamara outside the clinic she will acknowledge you but avoid any further conversation. Of course, you may still discuss your treatment with whoever you please!

How is my information stored?

Your confidential data is all stored securely and only Tamara has access to them.

All paper session notes are all held in a locked cabinet.

Tamara's laptop is password protected.

Tamara's work mobile is accessible only by fingerprint recognition or password, to keep text messages and emails secure. 

How long do you keep my data?

Your information will be kept for 8 years from your final session, in line with the CNHC regulations, of which Tamara is a member. All records for children under the age of 17 must be kept until their 25th birthday. If the child is 17 upon finishing treatment, their data will be held until they reach 26 years old.

Can I see the information you hold?

Of course. Please make a request in writing to Tamara, specifying the data you require and she will supply you with the information you requested, according to the GDPR regulations. There is a possibility that Tamara's insurance company, Holistic insurance, may wish to verify the data released.

Can I request for my data to be deleted?

If you are no longer happy with See Change Hypnotherapy holding your personal information, you may request for it to be deleted. If you would like your information to be deleted at any time, please write to:

See Change Hypnotherapy, West One, 114 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 1BA

As soon as this request is received and your identity confirmed, Tamara will shred all paper records held and permanently delete any electronic information relating to you (including session notes, emails, text messages, etc).

NB. The written request will have to be retained, in accordance to GDPR regulations, but all other data will be deleted. 


Cookies are small data files stored on your browser you visit to collect basic internet log information about the sites you visit. Every website you visit uses cookies to keep track of your movements on the site and to gather statistical data on visitors' behaviour patterns and site activity. 

In accordance with GDPR regulations, you can choose to block or to not accept cookies – there should have been a pop-up box when you entered this website telling you how to do so. If the text box did not appear, please go to, where you will find information about how to remove cookies from your browser. 

NB. Some of the functions on this website may not perform correctly as a result of blocking cookies. 

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