New Year, New Offers

New Year's Resolution Failing?

So we're nearly halfway through January - that time of the year that a lot of us begin to become unstuck with our well-meaning new year's resolutions... Sound familiar?

See Change Hypnotherapy are offering a package discount on specific treatments, designed to get you back on track!

Quit For Good!

Can't quite leave that smoking habit in 2019? We may just have the answer!

See Change Hypnotherapy are offering a special offer reduction of £25 for our smoking cessation therapy throughout January and February.


Book your 2-hour session for only £130 using the voucher code #StopSmoking2020.*

Click here for more details.

*Offer valid until 29th February 2020.

Get Back in The Gym!

Finding it hard to motivate yourself?

See Change Hypnotherapy are offering a special New Year package designed to get you motivated and determined to get fit!

Throughout a course of 4 sessions for only £200*, our trained hypnotherapist will not only explain why our brain can be our own worst enemy where motivation and procrastination are concerned, but will also give you techniques to get yourself back to your best. We will tailor your sessions to your personal needs, ensuring that not only is every session relaxing, but is helping to get you back on track with your exercise goals.

Book your Motivation package here, using the voucher code #Motivation2020.

*Offer valid until 29th February 2020.

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