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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

It's not always just about how to lose weight – some people struggle with putting weight on, and others find it easy to drop those extra pounds, but keeping them off is another matter altogether! Whatever problems you are having with your weight, we are here to help you gain control. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is very popular with people who want to take control of their weight, because it works on a very deep-rooted level, fundamentally changing the way you view your dietary, lifestyle and exercise habits. It's a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, and is different from a lot of other therapies as it's based on neurological research (a 'brain-based therapy') and during the treatment process we explain a little bit about the physiological reasons behind how we might gain or lose weight, as well as treating the issue. Because of this, it is easier for the brain to understand what is happening, and as such, go about fixing it.

How does Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss work?

We do not tell you what to do, nor do we dwell on any problems in your life as this can make your anxiety regarding your relationship with food and your confidence worse. When our anxiety levels are high, it does not help to keep going over the negatives, which is why we only focus on the positives, putting coping mechanisms into place and changing the way we deal with stressful situations, as well as the thought process surrounding the weight itself. 

Our eating habits can generally be linked directly to anxiety and stress (and the stress hormone cortisol in particular), so we help you lower your stress levels, to help you achieve your ideal weight and stay there.

We work together to come up with solutions to your problem(s) in a positive, forward-thinking way, which is why the weight, once lost, stays off. Hypnosis for weight loss isn't an overnight solution  it may take a little time but working as a team, we can help you achieve that weight goal that you have in mind, permanently. This is a tried, tested and very well researched therapy, and has been proven to work time and again. 

Get in touch now to book a free initial consultation and find out how hypnotherapy can help you get to the weight – or size – you have always wanted to be.*

*Hypnotherapy is an effective method of treatment, however success is not guaranteed and full client commitment is important. For example, listening to our accompanying therapeutic audio tracks between sessions is a vital element in the process and participation is required. This will be fully explained in the initial consultation. Results may vary from person to person.

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